Move to Circus method certificate 

Professional circus specialities: aerial circus (trapeze, straps), dance.

Busy with our lives, problems, conflicts, targets, disappointments, hopes, are we available to think about others?

 If we are used to not carrying… Not really.

Can we actually choose to go against our natural behavior? Does egoism means to be careless?

To care, is it an a...

ב 26-27 לאוגוסט יתקיימו ימי היכרות ואימון אצלנו בקרקס,

נשמח להכיר אתכם... נשמח שתכירו אותנו...

מערכת לשנת הפעילות 2018/19 בקישור

שמחים לבשר שהאורחים שלנו השנה מגיעים מ... שוויץ!
בנוסף מורים מפתיעים, אבל ממש!!!!!

כנס הנוער מזמין אתכם, 3 ימים של כנס בינלאומי שכולל סדנאות, הופעות ועוד הפתעות...

מספר המקומות מוגבל אז תזדרזו להירשם.

שימו לב ש... הכנס לא מיועד רק לבני-נוער ומתאים גם לאלה שכבר גדלו!!!


Shahar KAMAY is the pedagogic director of “Move to Circus” since 2010 
After being the co-director of the “House of Free Arts”, circus school in Binyamina (Israel). Teaching for the last 17 last years, he is specialised in therapy for children and teenagers who have A....

Ines LORCA is a French and Israeli choreographer.

After the National Superior Conservatoire of Dance in Paris, she continued her training in the Circus of Nanterre (France). She has developed through her father's music research, Abel LORCA, her own voice-movement metho...

circus arts teacher, specialized in acrobatics

Inbalance performer

Professional circus teacher: acrobatics, hand standing, accrobalance, Hand to hand, trapeze, aerial hoop, tissu

Move to Circus method certificate 

Professional circus specialities: hand standing, juggling, aerial circus (straps)

Chantal COHEN as a professional actress (degrred from Seminar Kibbutzim - Israel) is performing in independant productions , such as an individual show "No elves will come". She's also teaching theater for youth

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